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Electrical & power solutions

Prime Telecoms Limited has its tentacles in ICT services, electrical power
solutions, renewable energy, and networks as well as advanced datacenter solutions.

ICT Services

We offer comprehensive ICT infrastructure and software solutions that deliver lasting value and increase efficiency.


Electrical Services

We offer a wide range of electrical services with extensive experience in every aspect of electrical construction from power distribution to finished fixtures.


Solar & Renewable Energy

Renewable technologies will play an increasing part in our daily lives and Prime Telecoms has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience.


GSM Services

We undertake a complete scope of building Telecom sites from Conceptual Solutions for the Infrastructural aspects – and up to a Full Turnkey delivery of operational site

OUR EXPERTISEWe Build Intelligent Telecommunication & Power Solutions.

From ICT solutions, electrical & power solutions, electronic surveillance, and security to project conception to completion and beyond, we put our hearts into offering you solutions that bring your business and organization to life.


Networking solutions that transform your business

From building advanced technologies that fuel the intelligent enterprise, Prime Telecoms helps businesses thrive in a world defined by disruption and fueled by transformative technology.
data center solutions

Flexible, scalable solutions to meet your critical infrastructure needs

Our class-leading data center solutions will keep your operations running 24/7. They’re space-saving, time-saving, energy-saving, cost-saving and infinitely scalable. But most importantly, each is perfectly suited to your business. 

Innovation & experience

Our industry experience coupled with the implementation of new disruptive solutions and technologies makes us your preferred technology partner.

Customer-centric solutions

Your organization’s efficiency and growth are why we come to work every day, always coming up with new ways to fine-tune how you do business.

Future proof solutions

We always advice and implement technologies that are well consolidated and scalable for future business expansions and technology changes

Solar & renewable energy solutions

Our obsession with efficiency and cost-saving for your organizations has led us to come up with cost-effective solar solutions and products.

ELECTRICAL & POWER SOLUTIONSLet us take your electrical and power solutions into the future, today.

Electrical & power solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors

Let’s partner to create solutions that unlocks your operational efficiencies,
and allows you to regain control of your electrical and power needs

We want to
hear from you. Reach out to receive innovative solutions

(+254) 702 963 975

We’re passionate about serving our clients to the fullest, while continuously growing, learning, and innovating. With competencies across multiple industries, we offer our customers a more reliable supply chain and confidence in the long life of their program.

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