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Communicate and collaborate without boundariesUnified Communication & Collaboration

Prime Telecoms offers industry-leading unified communications solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our solutions are simple yet comprehensive, flexible, and reliable.

Outpace your Competitors with Unified Communication and Collaboration Innovation

Our Unified Communications line of business can assist you to integrate traditional communication tools – such as telephony and e-mail – with contemporary collaboration technologies such as Instant Messaging and visual communications. We can also offer you innovative ways to communicate internally as well as with customers from any location using any device and accessing any application.

Our Unified Communication and Collaboration service

  1. Video Conferencing and Telepresence: We transform how employees collaborate with Web, audio and video conferencing, document-sharing and interactive whiteboard solutions that not only increase productivity but also reduce cost and carbon emissions.
  2. Corporate Email & Messaging: We provide organizations with an integrated, enterprise- scale messaging solution that fully meet their expectations
  3. We help, organizations adopt a successful collaboration and communications strategy that will reduce operational costs while improving productivity.
  4. Calendars and scheduling
  5. Voice and telephony
  6. Real-time communications

Reduce time wasted significantly

Unified communications and collaboration enables real-time presence across your organization, giving employees instant insight into their coworkers’ availability to connect via voice, IM or video.

Connect geographically dispersed employees

The reality is, today’s business is global. In order to truly leverage top talent across the globe, businesses can use unified communications and collaboration to make it easier for employees in multiple locations to work on projects.

Provide freedom of choice for maximum ROI

Adopting a complete unified communications and collaboration strategy lets your employees communicate the way they prefer by eliminating the need use a specific device or be in a set location.

Improve your business with the best-of-breed solutions for Unified Communications

Today’s global, fast-paced business environment demands more sophisticated communication tools than traditional telephone and email. Modern professionals need holistic solutions that enable them to collaborate from anywhere, at any time, across their channel of choice.

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