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ict servicesIP Telephony VOIP/PABX Solutions

Prime Telecoms Limited offers a cost effective VoIP and PBX solutions for small/medium/large businesses.

Save time, money and increase productivity by switching over to VoIP

Prime Telecoms Technologies provides integration of data & voice communication services centered on IP Telephony systems that help cut communication costs while increasing your organization’s overall performance and productivity. We deliver innovative VoIP & IP Telephony technology supply solutions, from premises-based IP PBXs to centralized network-based IP Telephony platforms. Prime Telcoms’s IP telephony solutions converge PBX and VoIP Systems, making it possible to use a private IP and internet connection for both Voice and Data communications. We offer a comprehensive feature-rich suite of communication solutions for Residential VoIP, Small Business VoIP, and Enterprise VoIP Solutions.

Some of the systems that we provide include:

  • VOIP IP PBX System
  • Traditional PABX Systems
  • Video Conferencing Systems
  • Call Center PBX
  • Cloud Business Phone Systems

Save up to 60% on Your Phone Bill

Compared to traditional landline providers, line rentals and call rates on 4G VoIP are significantly cheaper. You also benefit from free interbranch calling plus reduced on-net call costs.

Increased Reliability

We take advantage of uncontended secure IP networks to ensure calls between a client’s PBX and the outside world are of the highest quality. In addition, your business is not vulnerable to theft of copper lines or lightening damage ensuring minimal downtime is experienced.

Scalable as You Grow

The inbound and outbound line capacity of our VoIP solutions are completely scalable, this allows you to increase the number of VoIP lines available as your business expands.

Increased Functionality

Unlike a fixed-line or mobile service, a VoIP user can use virtually any internet-enabled device to make and receive calls on his/her VoIP Account. i.e. PCs and laptops (using VoIP “softphone” software)

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